Robeson County residents rebuilding from Hurricane Matthew prepare for Florence

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ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WBTW) – Robeson County residents are preparing for Hurricane Florence while still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Alexis Haggins said she was not prepared for the heavy rainfall, and strong winds that Hurricane Matthew brought in 2016.

“It was just windy, and the next morning the sun came out, and then you know, you look outside, and it’s flooded,” Haggins told News13. “You thought everything was calm, that the storm just came and went, but it lasted for a couple days.”

Haggins, and her friend Darosh Wimbush boarded up the windows to their apartments as a safety precaution.

“Just in case something busts or something tries to come through it,” Haggins said. “It’s going to block it. It’s not going to be as bad.”

Haggins said she prepared for Florence by buying food, water, and snacks.

“We got water, we got chips, you know you can eat cereal by itself just in case the milk spoils,” she said. “I starved in Matthew because there had been some times when I couldn’t get to food.”

Wimbush said she also prepared for the storm at her house.

“We have oil lamps, water, and food,” Wimbush said. “Mainly stuff that you can’t cook when the lights go out,” she continued. “I wasn’t prepared for Matthew at all, at all, but I’m prepared this time.”

The women said they will stay in their homes until Hurricane Florence has passed through the area.

Robeson County Public Information Officer, Emily Jones, said there are four shelters for the public to go to if they don’t feel safe in their homes or don’t have anywhere else to go.

The four shelters are:

  • St. Paul’s High School
  • Purnell Swett High School
  • Lumberton High School
  • Fairmont Middle School

“Just have a small bag with your clothing, your personal items, medications, baby items, and your pillows and blankets that you would need,” Jones said.

Jones said the shelters will open at 8 a.m. on Sept. 13, and that the county is not under any type of mandatory evacuation.

“Be prepared,” said Jones. “We have so many people that are calling wanting to know if they should leave, what they should do; if you feel like you need to leave that’s up to you, but if you’re here just make sure you do have enough of your essentials.”

EMS transportation for non-emergency calls can be made to (910) 739-5556

Transportation to the shelter: (910) 618-5679

Robeson County issued a curfew that will begin on Sept 13. at 8 p.m.

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