ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTW) — A loaded gun was found Monday in a Robeson County kindergarten student’s bag, according to district spokesperson Glen Burnette.

The loaded handgun was found by a teacher in a student’s bag at Tanglewood Elementary School Monday morning, Burnette said.

“District administrators are deeply troubled by this incident due to the age of the student and what could have taken place if the teacher did not take proper action once discovering the handgun,” Burnette said to News13 in a statement.

On Wednesday, Burnette said a child went to a classroom without a backpack and the mom called a relative to go home and get the bag to bring to the school. The relative allegedly picked up the wrong bag and that bag had the loaded gun in it.

The teacher found the gun in the bag during snack time and no one — not even the child who’s bag the gun was in — ever saw the gun or were alerted to it, Burnette said.

The district encourages parents who own guns to keep them in a secured location out of reach of students.

Capt. Terry Parker with the Lumberton Police Department told News13 Sandy Miller was charged with with possession of a weapon on school grounds.

This is the fourth known incident of a student in the Public Schools of Robeson County being found with a gun in school since late August.