SC family says little girl’s adoption delayed due to Coronavirus outbreak in China

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BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – While the Coronavirus is causing so many problems in China, no confirmed cases have been reported in South Carolina – but the outbreak is impacting one Lowcountry family in a different way.

“We are the Singleton‘s,” said dad Cory Singleton as he introduced his family. “We’ve been married for 22 years. Ava is 16, Tate is 13, and Zoe is nine.”

Cory is the worship and creative pastor at Journey Church. His wife, Allison, teaches their kids from home. Ava says she felt like her family was missing someone.

“Whenever our family would gather around the table there was just this strange feeling of oh we’re waiting on someone. we’re not complete yet.”

Then… “About 18 months ago we started an international adoption process.”

“So, whenever they told me I was like, Yep I knew it,’ said new sister-to-be, Zoe. “I could feel it.”

Just after Christmas, they learned the whole family would fly to China on January 29 to pick up their daughter Lottie. We can’t show her face on television or the internet.

Their bags were packed and ready to go. 

“You know, we talk about her all the time- we pray for her all the time, we have her and Zoe‘s room ready to go,” said Allison.

But then coronavirus began and flights to China were shut down.

“You get excited because we’re adding another member to our family and so it’s interesting- we miss her already and we’ve never met her.”

“We know that God has a plan and that He has the situation in His hands, so we don’t have to worry.”

Lifeline Children’s Services, their adoption agency, says Lottie is doing well at this time.

“That’s probably my biggest concern is her health and her safety. She’s within the only life she’s ever known over there so the rush to get her is, I don’t feel, a great urgency there as much as just making sure she’s OK and she’s safe and healthy.”

Their church family has helped.

“People, community, just really looking out for us in some ways worrying more than we are at the situation. Just wanting to make sure we’re OK, truly burying each other‘s burdens we really, really felt that.”

Zoe does not sound worried. “I just know that God has a plan and he’s going to take us on this journey.”

But she is super excited; She wants to learn more about Lottie.

“Well I know she likes Barbies which I have a lot. So, we bought her an Asian Barbie.”

The family is being optimistic, but they believe they may be able to get their daughter as soon as March or April.


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