MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Two South Carolina lawmakers have pre-filed a bill that would ban certain “squatted” trucks and other vehicles from the state’s roads.

Squatting a vehicle is when it’s modified in a way that the front is configured much higher than the back. It’s usually done to trucks and SUVs, and easy to spot along the Grand Strand in the summertime.

The two lawmakers who pre-filed the bill say squatting can pose safety concerns.

“When a truck is elevated in the front so much, the lights blare you right in your eyes,” Representative R.J. May of Lexington said. “Whether you’re oncoming traffic or sitting behind you. And that’s obviously a public safety issue, particularly at night. The other thing is these trucks, when they’re extremely elevated, have a hard time seeing smaller vehicles in front of them.”

The bill would not allow a differential between the back and front of more than five inches, when not towing another vehicle. It would expand on current rules to explicitly include pickup trucks. A violation would carry a misdemeanor and a small fine.

“This is something that I feel could reduce our highway fatalities,” Representative May said. “Representative Wooten and I will be working with our fellow legislators to get more co-sponsors, to have the hearing on this bill and hopefully shepherd it through the house and to the senate,”

North Carolina’s governor recently signed a bill there that bans similar modifications. South Carolina’s lawmakers begin their next session in January.