SCOTLAND COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — The small town of East Laurinburg will become an unincorporated part of Scotland County on Friday amid reported financial violations, the Carolina Public Press reports.

Last fall, a report by the state auditor’s office detailed the financial violations of East Laurinburg officials and recommended embezzlement charges. However, Scotland County District Attorney Reece Saunders has not sought criminal charges against the town’s former financial officer.

The Local Government Commission used a new law (Senate Bill 314) last December for the first time in North Carolina history and unanimously voted to dissolve the town’s charter.

The commission seized the town’s books and took control of its finances a month before voting to dissolve the charter.

State Treasurer Dale Folwell, who chairs the commission, reportedly has urged the General Assembly to revoke the town’s charter since it had “ceased to function as a viable governing unit,”

Folwell then called on Saunders to charge the former official in connection to financial violations.