MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — What’s the legal drinking age in South Carolina? It’s a question that’s skyrocketed as the second-most rising question Googled about the state in the last year.

The most-searched question about South Carolina was for death row inmate Richard Moore, increasing by 3,650%, according to Google Trends. He was scheduled to be executed in April, but received a stay of execution due to pending litigation regarding the use of the electric chair and firing squads.

Coming in third was “uconn v south carolina,” at an 800% increase, followed by “clemson v sc,” at 500%. The top questions Googled about, and in, the state tended to revolve around sports.

A similar search for the drinking age question, “South Carolina drinking laws,” came in at sixth, at 400%.

Within the last week, which ended with the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that overturned Roe v. wade, the top 10 questions asked about the state all involved abortion.

Why the sudden interest in drinking laws? USA Today published an article last fall debunking a circulating rumor on Facebook that the state lowered the drinking age to 18 — a false claim that may have prompted a surge in searches.

The answer remains the same as it has been since 1984 — 21 years old. It is also illegal for a person to buy alcohol in order to give it to a person younger than 21.