DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office said just after 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, a man was shot and killed in the Kings Grant neighborhood of Summerville along Kensington Place.

“It’s traumatic,” Kings Grant Homeowners Association president David Carey said. “You know, to come out into your front yard and you’re getting a beautiful day, your day started, maybe yard work and then this happened.”

Kings Grant neighbors are shaken up following the deadly shooting.

“Residents told me that they believe that it was a road rage incident,” Carey said. “One car cut another car off, [a] gentlemen got out of their vehicles, exchanged some words, exchanged a punch and then a weapon was drawn and fired and an individual lost his life.”

Carey said he spoke with a neighbor who lives in near where the fatal shots were fired.

“One person had actually witnessed it,” he said, “or heard very closely, at the time the shots were fired. He came up on the scene, and actually tried to help; there was a 4-year-old child that was there, so trying to help comfort the family.”

DCSO officials reported that Michael Anthony Pressley II has been charged with voluntary manslaughter for his involvement in the incident.

Kings Grant neighbors are now left trying to wrap their heads around something they said is uncommon for this area.

“Through my years of being in the neighborhood and hearing of different things,” Carey said, “like maybe in 20 years, you might have three, four things that happen, you know.”

The Dorchester County coroner said Zachary Campbell was the man killed in the shooting.