CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Recovering from Hurricane Ian is going to take much longer in certain parts of the Charleston metro area than in others. 

Christina and Mike Miller have lived along Shoreham Road on James Island for years, and while they knew this storm was coming, they didn’t think it would bring this kind of devastation to their doorstep.

“It came into the house so fast, I mean like nothing I have ever seen, so fast, so fast, we were mopping it as fast as we could and it was just getting higher and higher, and I have never seen anything like it,” Christina Miller said.

Now, it will take weeks of recovery and tremendous amounts of work to repair the home.

“The flooring is going to have to come up, because like I said earlier, we saw bubbling, coming from the flooring, so it’s seeping through planks on the floor,” Christina Miller said.

They hope their losses from Hurricane Ian will push city leaders to make permanent changes:

“I just hope that city council really takes this under consideration, and it is a serious problem for ourselves and for all of our neighbors, and we have to deal with it on a regular basis.”

Mike Miller

The coming days will certainly be a challenge for this neighborhood and many others, as people focus on recovering and moving forward.