COLUMBUS, S.C. (WSPA) — South Carolina’s gas tax, which state leaders say helps pay for road, bridge, and infrastructure construction, will increase again on July 1.

The tax, officially known as the Motor Fuel User Fee, will go up by 2 cents, the final in a series of increases approved by the General Assembly in 2017 as part of the state’s Infrastructure and Economic Development Reform Act.

The law permanently raised the fee by 2 cents per gallon each July through this year. The total tax will be 28 cents a gallon after July’s final increase.

State residents can claim a credit on their state tax returns to help offset the increase. The credit equals the lesser of the vehicle maintenance fees paid during the year or what was paid in the increased Motor Fuel User Fees.

The credit totaling nearly $5.6 million has been claimed on 68,052 South Carolina returns so far this year, according to preliminary data from the state Department of Revenue.

Anyone interested in claiming this credit next year should save receipts from gas purchases and vehicle maintenance work.