South Carolina Red Cross volunteers head to Kentucky, Tennessee after tornado outbreak

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — As several states face devastation after a deadly tornado outbreak over the weekend, people from South Carolina are stepping up to help out.

“Right now we have about six volunteers assigned to go support disaster relief efforts following those devastating tornadoes,” Mandy McWherter, the interim regional communications director for the Red Cross of South Carolina, said.

One of those volunteers is Gary Thurman of Myrtle Beach. He was headed to his deployment in Tennessee when he spoke to News13 Monday afternoon.

“This time, I’m in government operations,” Thurman said. “I’m the liaison or a contact between the Red Cross and local emergency management agencies.”

Thurman has been with the Red Cross of South Carolina for about three years and has responded to floods and hurricanes. Now, he’s prepared for this next disaster.

“Across from the highway there were several buildings that were just flat and trees down,” Thurman said. “You could just see for quite a ways down each side where the path of the tornado was and everything was pretty mangled or torn up.”

South Carolina’s Red Cross is ready to send more help if needed. The organization said it’s working on damage assessment to learn about additional needs.

Gov. Henry McMaster has also offered “any and all” resources to Kentucky.

“So many of the roads are destroyed,” McWherter said. “It’s taking a lot of effort to even get our supplies to the places they need to be. So we’re pre-positioning all the critical supplies people need. We’re working to get people on the ground.”

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