DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about reports of scam calls to residents in the area.

According to DSCO, numerous residents reported that they received phone calls from a “Greg or Gregory Jackson or Johnson” with the sheriff’s office.

The name “Deputy John Roberts” has also been used by the scammer.

The caller reportedly discussed, at length, a warrant for their arrest after not showing up for jury duty. The scammer then requested money be sent to the Venmo account ‘payeescitsres’ and Cash App account under the username ‘ohiopayees’ or ‘ohio payees.’

“First, we will not call wanted persons about their warrants. We will however show up at your door with a warrant. Second, we have no deputy with the names we have been provided,” Rick Carson with DCSO said in a press release.

A second scam was reported to DCSO on Saturday.

According to DCSO, the scam involved a popup on the victim’s computer screen. The victim was directed to call 844-480-2440, to speak with ‘Melinda from Bank of America’.

‘Melinda’ then directed the victim to someone named ‘Robert’ at 612-564-7941, who explained someone used her Bank of America account to purchase pornography.

The scammer then reportedly attempted to take money from the victim by directing her to a convenience store to transfer money and buy cash gift cards.

The victim knew the information was false and recognized it as a scam.

DCSO asks the public that if they encounter similar calls, to hang up, call 843-873-5111 immediately, and provide the call taker with any information you were able to ascertain, names, telephone numbers, and account names for Venmo, Cash App, Zell, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.