SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — A Spartanburg County woman was scammed out of nearly $15,000 on Monday, according to deputies.

The woman called the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office on Monday and she had received a warning on her iPad screen stating that a “Trojan Spyware” had been installed on her device.

She told deputies that she called the number that came up on her screen with the alert and was told that she had been hacked and that someone had tried to withdraw $14,750 from her checking account.

The woman was then given the number to a Wells Fargo Agent at which time Andrew Lee answered the phone, the sheriff’s office said. Lee told the woman that he had all of her information and advised her she needed to encrypt her account to stop them from taking funds from her account.

The woman told deputies that she then withdrew $14,750 from her checking account and deposited the money into a Bitcoin ATM. She then took the receipt from the Bitcoin ATM to the Tobacco Vape Store at 150 Dorman Center Drive where she was told to give them the receipt.

After realizing she had been scammed, she took her iPad and phone to the Geek Squad, where they informed her there was nothing they could do, the sheriff’s office said.