MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — South Carolina’s smallest towns have fewer people than an NFL football team.

In a state of about 5.15 million people, South Carolina has its share of larger cities — along with some with fewer than 100 people.

The state’s most populous city is Columbia, with 129,272 residents, followed by Charleston, with 120,083 people, and North Charleston, with 97,471 people. In comparison, the two smallest towns have 90 people — combined.

Although it is outside of the top 10 smallest towns, Pawleys Island, at 103 residents, is still among one of the least-populated municipalities in the state.

Here are the state’s 10 smallest towns, according to the Municipal Association of South Carolina:

10. Pelzer

County: Anderson

Population: 89

9. Ulmer

County: Allendale

Population: 88

8. Plum Branch

County: McCormick

Population: 82

7. Cope

County: Orangeburg

Population: 77

6. Jamestown

County: Berkeley

Population: 72

5. Govan

County: Bamberg

Population: 65

4. Peak

County: Newberry

Population: 64

3. Jenkinsville

County: Fairfield

Population: 46

1. Tatum

County: Marlboro

Population: 45

1. Smyrna

County: York

Population: 45