COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) — Local school boards across South Carolina are currently responsible for what books and materials are available in their schools. However, the state Department Of Education could soon change who has that authority.

While controversy over the books allowed in school libraries continues, a notice given last month from the Department of Education said school classroom and library materials need to align with the standards set by the state.

Coming up in November, the state board of education will consider the first reading of the plan for who should have control over choosing materials that are allowed in the schools. If the board votes in favor of the state regulating materials after the required number of readings, the regulation will go to the House and Senate for consideration.

The state Department Of Education released a statement stating:

“We are still in the drafting period…The regulation will be available for review at first reading.”

The Department of Education said that once the state board has a chance to review and comment on the proposed regulation, officials will then be able to answer any questions.