SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A church in Spartanburg was vandalized this week.

The Promised Land Church signs, Christian school signs, sidewalk and city stop sign were spray painted.

Pastor Tommy Quick said profanity and symbols, like swastikas, were painted.

Quick said this is the first time the church has been vandalized.

He said one of the parents at the Christian school saw the graffiti Tuesday morning and reported it to staff.

He said their church has a biblical world view, anti-abortion rights views and believes in the traditional family.

“It’s not unusual that you have people that don’t agree with you biblically, don’t agree with your doctrine or maybe the position you take on culture issues,” Quick said.

The pastor said he has no hatred for the people who did this and that he’s praying for them.

He said that after the vandalism, the church is thinking about upgrading its signs to electronic ones.