GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A 46-year-old Greensboro woman died after being attacked Thursday morning by two pit bulls that she was dog-sitting, authorities said.

Trena Peed let the dogs out of the backyard of her home about 2 a.m. Moments later, neighbors heard her crying loudly for help and witnessed the attack. Their shock and horror could be heard in 911 calls.

“It’s dark,” one caller said. “All I hear is her yelling and her dogs over there attacking her.”

Peed’s son was asleep inside the home. He woke to the news of his mother’s passing.

“It’s terrible,” said Mr. Johnson, a neighbor and close friend of over 15 years. “She got mauled to death. That’s terrible.”

Peed’s daughter, Waynesha, has since set up a GoFundMe account to cover her mother’s funeral expenses. She also explained that Peed herself had lost two sons a few years apart, both in “tragic car accidents.”

“My mom has always been a true example of strength, love, and determination,” Waynesha Peed wrote. “My siblings, grandmother, family, & I are heartbroken at her sudden passing.”

After the attack, Johnson sat on her porch, his head sunk low and his heart heavy.

“We were real good friends,” he said. “Her and my wife talked together a lot. We were just friends. It’s terrible.”

Greensboro police and Guilford County Animal Control were the first to respond to the scene to try and get a handle on the situation. Police told WGHP that the only way they could stop the attack was to shoot one of the dogs.

“I heard some shots,” Johnson recalled. “I looked out the window, and the ambulance trucks, and firetrucks, everybody was there before I even heard the shots.”

The other dog was quarantined by animal services.

Police are still investigating, and have not informed WGHP of any possible charges in connection with the mauling.

Friends, family and neighbors, meanwhile, are still trying to process that morning’s events.

“It’s a terrible way to go. I wish the family the best,” said Johnson, who claimed he hasn’t witnessed anything this heartbreaking during his 40 years in the neighborhood. “She was doing something good and died behind it, and died a tragic death.”