Trump shirts and Fox News: Axed Spectrum Center employee files lawsuit

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CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A new federal lawsuit by a former Spectrum Center employee has been filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Charlotte. 

Tim Tarlton was an Engineering Manager at the Spectrum Center from October 2016 until he was fired in August 2020. 

Tarlton claims he was told he was admonished for his conservative political views from wearing “Trump shirts on zoom calls” to watching FOX cable news in his office. “If we have seventy-something stations and everyone else can tune into whatever they want, why am I being discriminated against?” 

Tarlton felt he had to watch what he said “because there are so many people that are liberals and there seems to be one set of rules to play by.” He says he kept his beliefs to himself, never had problems with job performance, always got raises and favorable evaluations. 

Then he was fired for drinking a beer on a zoom call from home – on his day off. He says many people at work drank on the job, including his boss. 

The employee handbook does permit lawful drinking. 

The defendant in the lawsuit is the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority which manages the City of Charlotte. 

Lawyers for CRVA gave us this statement: CRVA is not able to comment on ongoing litigation matters.  To allow the legal process to move forward unimpeded, CRVA will refrain from publicly responding to any of the claims contained in the suit. 

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