Unofficial Trump campaign bus unveiled in Raleigh; features Reagan, Queen Elizabeth II

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — An unofficial President Trump campaign bus is being wrapped and detailed in Raleigh. 

The 45-foot professional tour bus is covered in extravagant, pro-Trump images and quotes. It’s been dubbed the “Trump Train” and took the team at King Tut Graphics two days to install all the graphics.

CBS 17 got a peek at the bus and the unique graphics on Friday.

The back of the bus is customized with President Trump himself portrayed as a shirtless Rocky Balboa with boxing gloves.

Vice President Mike Pence is pictured smiling on the side of the bus. Former President Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth are shown wearing the infamous red Make America Great Again baseball caps.

The man behind the concept is Mississippi businessman and loyal Trump supporter, Buddy Hall. He tells CBS 17 he and a friend purchased the massive bus with their own money to help get Trump re-elected.

“The original owner of the bus had it custom made in Miami for $1.25 million. We got a better deal than that on it. And then we paid about $14,000 to have it wrapped,” Hall told CBS 17.

Near the bottom rear of the bus, a section says “Promises Made Promises Kept” and includes an image of Trump wearing a tattered U.S. flag like Superman.

“Give me a super majority in November and I’ll finish fixing our country. Vote Republican,” the type over the flag says.

The bus also has a plug for Ivanka Trump for President in 2024 right beside a large pink square that says “Women For Trump.”

“We love our president, he’s made a lot of sacrifices for our country and we wanted to make a sacrifice for him and show our appreciation. Everyone says ‘Get on the Trump train.’ So we wanted to have a Trump train for the president,” Hall said.

Hall will store the bus in Wallace when it is not out on the campaign trail.

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