ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) — An ambulance company is investigating after a video circulating on social media showed two of its uniformed employees inhaling a substance out of a canister while apparently inside an ambulance.

A concerned Anderson County resident reached out to 7News about the video Tuesday night. In the six-second clip, two people can be seen inhaling a substance out of a canister while inside what appears to be an ambulance.

Medshore Ambulance confirmed that the two people individuals work for the company in Anderson County.

7News did some digging and learned that the canisters shown in the video contain oxygen that was purchased by the employees. Medshore said it’s called Boost Oxygen, a supplement that aims for all-natural respiratory support.

It is mainly used by hikers and athletes for a boost of energy and oxygen and is available on shelves at sporting goods stores, Lowes and Walmart.

After watching the video, Anderson County residents said they are concerned that the employees were not focusing on the road while behind the wheel of an ambulance.

Medshore said the incident is being investigated by its human resources department.

“Safety is a fundamental principle within the organization,” Medshore said in a statement. “Upon learning of the video last night, we immediately launched an investigation. Once we have all facts in hand, we will take any needed appropriate action.” 

It is unclear if any action will be taken against the employees shown in the video.