FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – While warming school buses at 71st High School on Thursday morning, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said a school employee noticed a man getting on three different buses.

The sheriff’s office said when he jumped onto another bus, he was confronted by the bus driver.

CBS17 obtained videos Friday from the bus from Cumberland County Schools showing the situation unfold.

The sheriff’s office said the driver feared the man was armed so he ran off. The suspect then took control of the bus and drove off in it.

A video from inside the bus shows the driver screaming and honking the horn for help.

It appears that the man behind the wheel, identified as Gilbert Lamont McArthur, at one point was on the phone with dispatch as he was driving.

“I’m driving 40 mph.  I’m not high,” he said.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Fayetteville Police Officers found the bus and tried to stop it.

The sheriff’s office said the driver eventually stopped at Cliffdale and Skibo roads.

A news release said a Fayetteville police officer boarded the bus to arrest the driver but the driver took off with the officer onboard.

A video shows the officer hanging on to the door and eventually pulling himself inside the bus.

He yells, “stop! stop!”

After a tussle with the officer, the suspect stopped again at Skibo and Redtip roads and was arrested there.

McArthur, 35, of Fayetteville now faces charges of common law robbery, second-degree kidnapping, and possession of stolen goods.

He is currently held at the Cumberland County Detention Center.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said, “We all worked seamlessly together, taking the safety and security of public safety seriously, and it shows.”