View the Space X Starlink satellites tonight

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A few of you may have seen a series of bright lights following one another in the night sky over the past couple days.

No they aren’t UFOs- rather a cluster of satellites launched by Space X to provide internet to remote regions! It’s called Starlink, and we have several chances to see them pass over South Carolina tonight!

There’s several clusters, or “constellations” of Starlink satellites in low orbit around the Earth. These small satellites (measuring about the size of a briefcase) now number over 400! You’ll have a chance to see the latest cluster- Starlink 6, which was launched just over a week ago on April 22nd.

Passes tonight (May 1st, 2020)

8:39 PM in the SW sky (Starlink 6 with as many as 21 satellites visible)

8:48 PM in the W sky (Starlink 3 with as many as 15 satellites visible)

I’d recommend downloading an app or heading to a dedicated website to track and see where and when you can see next pass of these satellites.


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