NORFOLK, V.A. (WAVY) — A Virginia woman has been sentenced to 10 years behind bars for loan fraud, identity theft and misuse of a Social Security number.

Shaneca Moseley, 39, used the identity of a New Jersey resident named “C.J.” between 2018 and 2020, according to court documents.

Investigators say Moseley impersonated C.J. by using a forged driver’s license containing C.J.’s personal information including name, date of birth and home address. Moseley also had access to C.J.’s Social Security card and number.

Prosecutors say Moseley used C.J.’s personal information in acquiring an apartment lease, purchasing and obtaining a loan for a Mercedes Benz, purchasing furniture on credit, obtaining an email account and masking her true identity during a traffic stop, in addition to other acts.

Moseley’s activity left C.J. to deal with the results of various payment defaults and impacts on their credit.

In February, Moseley was convicted of three counts of false representation of a Social Security number, one count of false statement on a loan application and three counts of aggravated identity theft.

Moseley pleaded guilty in 2009 to running another Social Security fraud scheme and was previously sentenced to 2 months imprisonment and 3 years of supervised release. She was ordered to pay restitution.