CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Surveillance video shows a carjacking suspect slamming into a car with a mother and child inside.

It happened in a Charlotte neighborhood. The stolen car launched into the air and spun in a circle after it was hit.


Police said the suspect walked up and pulled a gun on a driver at a stoplight before stealing a dealership-owned car from a dealership employee.

Then, police chased the car briefly and lost sight of it until they got to the corner of Belmont Avenue and Harrill Street, where they found two wrecked vehicles.

The crash only lasted five seconds, but the impact will be felt for a while.

“I heard the first hit. It sounded like a dump truck,” said neighbor Paul Culbreth. “You know how the bucket truck comes up and goes back down — and it makes a loud noise?”

The driver of the stolen car sped through a stop sign, hit the car with a mom and child inside, went airborne, hit a utility pole and left cables shaking from the force.

“He hit ’em hard, real hard,” said Culbreth.

Culbreth saw the aftermath of the crash where the child was loaded onto the stretcher, and the mother was loaded into the ambulance.

“I [saw] the mother in the chair, and the baby was crying, hollering, scared,” said Culbreth.

Police said the tense moments were all caused by Marshay Washington, who stole the car and led police on a brief chase before the crash.

Police said Washington ran away after he slammed into the mom and child. They found him hiding out in a trash can and arrested him.

“Foolishness, crazy, don’t care about nobody but their self,” said Culbreth.

Police said the mom and child had minor injuries.

Washington is being held under no bond.