WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBTW) — U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham wants the nation to expedite its promise to send weapons to Ukraine, according to information released by the Republican’s office on Friday.

“President Zelensky is asking for military weapons still yet to be delivered,” Graham said in written remarks released by his office. “The Biden Administration has been slow when it comes to sanctions. Why haven’t we sanctioned the Russian economy as hard as we could? Right there, there should be nothing left on the table when it comes to Putin, and we should put every form of weapon within reason into the hands of the Ukrainians. They’re willing to fight. They’re not asking for American soldiers — they’re asking for American weapons to kill Russians to keep their country free, and we’re late. The delays in delivery have cost Ukrainian lives.”

Graham’s call to action comes one day after President Joe Biden announced that he planned to have the nation send an extra $800 million in military aid to the country. The package would include heavy artillery, ammunition and drones.

“Why haven’t we been all-in on going after Putin?” the statement from Graham’s office reads. “He doesn’t just want Ukraine, he wants to rewrite the map of Europe.”

“China is watching,” he said.

The senator anticipates that China will invade Taiwan if Putin succeeds in taking Ukraine. If not, China “will think twice about it.”

A potential invasion would have big impacts on South Carolina’s economy, Graham said, considering that Taiwan plans to buy 24 of Boeing’s 787 wide-body jets, which would be made in the state. The purchase would be $8 million.

“It would be a tremendous boost to Boeing in South Carolina, and I’m hoping Taiwan will make that decision,” Graham said.