‘We’ve heard nothing:’ Attorneys, father of 5th-grader RaNiya Wright hold news conference

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RaNiya Wright

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCBD) Attorneys for the father of RaNiya Wright held a news conference Monday morning in the investigation into her death.

Wright is the fifth-grader who died days after a classroom fight at Forest Hills Elementary in Colleton County.

Attorney David Aylor said the girl’s father, Jermaine Van Dyke has had little to no contact from anyone regarding what has happened since the tragedy occurred.

“Everyone, of course, is heartbroken,” he said. Unfortunately, the people who have been hurt the most is the family. This being the father of that beautiful young lady who lost her life has received almost no information. He’s had one meeting with the superintendent of the school that didn’t really provide any true developments.

Aylor said his office has been in contact with the school district council who has yet to provide any information.

“Mr. Van Dyke has not heard from anyone within law enforcement whatsoever, nor has he heard from anyone within the solicitor’s office,” he said.

Aylor said it is not their goal to criticize the process or impede on anything that has already happened. He said they simply want to know what has happened, where do they stand in the investigation and what information can be provided to Mr. Van Dyke so he can learn more about what happened to his daughter.

Van Dyke, who did not take any questions at the conference, said he is looking for justice for his daughter. “I wanted to find out what happened, how it happened, and who was involved.”

After taking question from the media, Attorney Mark Peper said the father learned of Wright’s death after being first telephoned by his mother who had been in contact with RaNiya’s mom, Ashley, and was informed that there had been an incident at the school and that he needed to report to Colleton County Medical Center.

“Unfortunately, by the time he got there which was 20, 30 minutes later he was informed that she was no longer there and had been medevaced to MUSC,” he said.

Peper said that was the only information that had been provided to him which lead to seven straight days of emotion.

Peper said the school district has said nothing, “absolutely nothing” in response to their attempts to gain information. “We’ve been extremely disappointed; we’ve made multiple attempts to contact both law enforcement and the school district. We heard late Friday evening from the attorney for the school district. Unfortunately, he didn’t have many answers.”

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