Woman claims man watched her use restroom at PNC Arena during UFC event

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RALEIGH, NC (WNCN/WBTW) — A woman tells News13’s sister station CBS17 a man was hovering over her restroom stall over the weekend at PNC Arena.

Megan Sullivan said the incident happened during the UFC Fight on Saturday night. ​

“I’m using the restroom and I just feeling like somebody is watching me,” Sullivan said of the traumatizing moment. “Something, something just felt weird. As I look up, in the stall next to me, I see this face look down. All I could see was short hair.”​​​

Sullivan ran out and told her boyfriend Nathan, who was waiting in the arena hall. ​​​

“She came out and was like, ‘was there a lady with short hair coming out of the bathroom?’ I said no, ‘there was some dad coming out, but I didn’t see any kids follow.’ And then she starts panicking​​​,” her boyfriend Nathan Windham explained.

Sullivan reported the incident to arena security, but told CBS 17 she felt questioned.​​

“It was taken too lightly,” she said of how security handled the situation.

Later that night, Sullivan said she saw the man again. ​​She explained, “I start screaming, there he is, there he is, the guy from the video.”​​​

She eventually reported the incident to Raleigh police. “He [the officer] pretty much listened and said, I didn’t know there was a video, they [arena security] should have told me this. Come with me.” ​​

Following this incident, Sullivan said she won’t be using public restrooms anymore or returning to PNC Arena.

“I’m sick of people taking stuff like this lightly and then acting shocked when a bigger crime like trafficking or rape or stalking comes out,” she said. “Because these are the red flags that people need to investigate.”​

CBS 17 reached out to PNC Arena regarding this story, but have not yet heard back.


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