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Homeless veteran voluntarily guards the Tiny House Project

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) - Crews are moving quickly on a project that will give dozens of homeless veterans a place to call home. A few weeks ago, News 3 told you about a group of people who are volunteering their time to help.

We returned to the site and found one volunteer going above and beyond for the project. 

At first glance, the noise or the new tiny houses are probably what grabs your attention. But if you look close enough, you may notice a single brown tent. 

It's where Kendall Huskey has slept for six years. He moved the tent to the construction site to help crews build 72 tiny homes. 

"Homelessness is not fun. It's not fun at all. You're at the whim of the elements. You're at the whim of criminals," said Huskey. 

Huskey is a Vietnam veteran. And he chooses to sleep on-site. He stays up all night to serve as the site's watchman, even though nodoby asked him to do it. 

"Nobody asked me to help and nobody seems to mind me helping," said Huskey. 

And soon, hard work will pay off. The Homeless Authority approved Huskey's application to live in one of the homes. He is one of ten.

When construction is done and the tent is gone, Huskey has a to-do list. 

"I'm going to make some chilie dogs," he said with a laugh. "I've had a craving for chilie dogs for ages. I don't have a place to cook. I don't have a place to keep the food. I'll be normal again." 

It costs $240 per month to live in a tiny home. They're eqipped with a full bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. June is the expected completion month. 

100% of donations go directly to the Tiny House project. If you'd like to contribute your time or money,  go here for more information. 

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