Stray herd of goats in Savannah caught with Cheetos

Stray herd of goats in Savannah caught with Cheetos (Image 1)_57263

Five goats found wandering in the Savannah area will soon be on their way to a loving home.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police say they found the livestock standing in the road of 52nd and Exchange Street on Monday.

With the help of animal control — and some Cheetos — they were able to safely capture the goats.

A patrol officer had found the animals impeding traffic as they wandered along the city’s streets, drawing a crowd of amused bystanders.

One juvenile goat was captured in a fenced-in yard, but the other five proved difficult to corral – at least until a spectator gave his bag of Cheetos to an officer to use as bait.

The snack food Cheetos was used to lure the goats in and grab them, so they could find a new home.

Animal Control supervisor Christina Sutherin says there was no problem finding someone who wants to adopt the goats.

“The community has had a wonderful outpouring of concern for the goats well-being. We do have an approved adopter. They’re all going to go to one individual and location. We have secondary applications just in case that falls through, but there is a happy ending for them.”

Sutherin told WSAV-TV the goats could not be returned to the owner, because the individual already has multiple violations in reference to livestock within city limits.

She also said that residents are not allowed to have livestock within Savannah city limits, unless they live in a light or heavy industrial level.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you live in one of these areas, Animal Control suggests checking on the zoning regulations in your area.
This may have some people talking around the water cooler this morning.

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