Summer 2018: Trauma center seeing more patients, coroner seeing more suicides

MYRTLE BEACH, SC - As Myrtle Beach continues to see an increase in summer growth and tourism, with the influx of visitors the Grand Strand Medical Center Trauma Center is seeing an increase of patients this summer compared to last.

Director of the trauma center, Alison Burns says on the week of July 4 they saw a 31% increase of patients compared to last year. They've seen everything from water related injuries, collisions, and falls.

"We have a lot of high-rise buildings, and resorts and great places to visit great beaches to visit and be careful out there, and when you're having drinks you need to be very cautious not only driving." Burns said. 

The Horry County coroner is also seeing different kinds of deaths compared to 2017.Robert Edge says this summer they are seeing an increase of people jumping from buildings on ocean boulevard.

"This summer seems to have a different affect on things, we've had a lot of jumpers, I wonder if a lot of them are copy cats, or if some of them are reserved, which is very sad to be." Edge said.

The Grand Strand medical center as well as the coroner agree there's also been an uptick of violence. 

"I attribute it, it goes back to a lot of drug activity, and a different influx of people who have different thoughts and ideas than what local people have." Edge said.

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