Surveillance cameras catch strange men prowling Colorado backyards


AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – Surveillance footage shows two men prowling around backyards in a neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado.

Quentin Smith captured the footage on one of his nine security cameras.

“They call me a nerd, but that’s OK,” Smith said jokingly.

Quentin’s wife Brenda will never give him a hard time again for owning so many cameras after what happened this past weekend in their neighborhood.

The Smiths returned home after a getaway to the mountains and were casually scrolling through their surveillance footage when they stumbled upon a video clip that sent chills down their spine.

Two men can be seen on the video footage in the Smiths’ backyard in the middle of the night, seemingly casing their home.

“I couldn’t believe someone would actually have the gall to be in our backyard,” Quentin said.

“Two in the morning, you just expect to see spiders on the camera, the wind blowing. To see people is very nerve-wracking,” added Brenda.

Both men are dressed in sweaters with hoods pulled snug around their faces. After a few minutes, the men leave, hopping the fence into the backyard next door.

“They probably went down the block even farther. Who knows?” said Brenda.

Nothing was stolen and the Smiths called police, but they haven’t been able to stop thinking about what happened, wondering if and when the men might return.

They’re sharing their story as a warning to others to not be lax about locking doors and windows, even in backyards.

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