Suspect in Malinowski disappearance, separate shooting granted $200,000 bond

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HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – A judge granted a man charged in connection to a November 2015 shooting and the disappearance of an Aynor teen a $200,000 bond, according to 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson.

The decision came during a bond reconsideration hearing on Wednesday.

“There are no rules in the court rules or the case-law that specifically say after a certain period of time someone should be granted bond when they’ve been denied bond. Each judge takes it up on the case by case basis,” Attorney Fran Humphries said.

The Horry County Police Department arrested Christopher Anfony Brown, of Conway, after they say he shot a man in the leg after an argument at a Burger King drive-thru in November 2015. The victim told police Brown followed him from the restaurant to D Street and Rose Moss Road, where the shooting happened.

At the time of his arrest, police charged Brown with attempted murder, possession of a weapon by person convicted of a violent felony and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The crimes, according to authorities, allegedly happened while Brown was out on bond for charges connected to the Zachary Malinowski case.

A local attorney told News13 the judge has to consider several factors when issuing a bond including the fact the a trial still needs to happen.

“But obviously you would like to think that as a defendant your case would come up quickly so in the event, for instance, you were found not guilty the time you spent in jail wouldn’t be significant pre-trial. So, there are competing interests,” Fran Humprhies said.

One obstacle prosecutors face in making that happen is the number of cases they handle each year.

“The challenge is that there’s this case and there may be 50 other cases of the same importance and magnitude. You only have so many terms of court and so much time in the day,” Humphries added.

Brown and another man, identified as Javon Gibbs, are charged with murder and kidnapping following the disappearance of Malinowski in 2013. Malinowski was last seen playing basketball with friends in Aynor.

According to Richardson, the $200,000 bond incorporates all pending charges against Brown in those two cases.

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