Texas man accused of posting video of girlfriend to Pornhub


LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) — Police have arrested a man accused of posting a video of him and his girlfriend having sex to the porn website Pornhub.

According to the arrest warrant, Leander resident Angelo Florian, 18, recorded him and his girlfriend having sex — her first sexual encounter — without her knowledge and later posted the video online. 

The victim, a Leander High School student, tells police that while Florian told her immediately after the encounter that he had recorded it, she told him it was only for him to see and no one else. The student told police that she found out the video had been posted online when classmates approached her in public and told her they had seen a sex video on Pornhub.

Police questioned the two girls who saw the video and matched it with descriptions of what the victim said happened that night, and after a simple Google search were able to locate the video. According to police, the victim was clearly visible in the video, which has been removed.

Florian initially denied posting the video, but later confessed, saying he did it because the victim was being “annoying and really clingy.”

He is charged with publishing intimate visual material and his bond is set at $10,000.

Current Texas laws on revenge porn say that there must be an indication that intimate photos or videos were intended to be kept private and the victim must be identifiable. According to state law, whether or not the images were recorded consensually or without the victim’s knowledge, if they were meant to be kept private, it’s a crime to release them.

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