Timmonsville leaders consider adopting a new dress ordinance


TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – Some Timmonsville town leaders want to clean up the town’s image, in part, by telling those who live there to keep their pants up or it could cost them.

Tuesday night, Timmonsville Town Council passed first reading of a new dress ordinance.

Ordinance 543, states that it’s illegal for anyone to engage in public nudity, display pornographic material in public or to minors, display an exposed rear-end or backside while standing or walking and sagging pants, trousers or shorts where undergarments are exposed.

“Sometimes it’s getting a little ridiculous.  It’s getting underneath the cheeks now.  Something does need to take place,” said Dottie Keith

Across the street from town hall, Keith opened a community center a couple of months ago for kids in the area

The dress code is almost comparable to the standards put in place for her kids at the Timmonsville Community Center.

“They can come, play, be educated and learn.  No, we don’t tolerate the sagging.  We look presentable.  We are here to learn,” Keith explained.

However, she says she is a little concerned about the fine that would come with the new ordinance.  After a third violation, one could be slapped with fine ranging from $100-$600.

“It is high, but the children wouldn’t be paying these fines.  It would be the parents that are paying these fines.  Most of the parents and most people in this area they are not very rich,” stated Keith.

We hoping that the warning one and the warning two will scare them enough to pull them up,” she said.

If the ordinance passes next month’s reading it will immediately go into effect.

A lot of people that News13 spoke to for this story say they support the plan.

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