TSA officials give tips for gun owners traveling with firearms


(WSPA) – TSA wants to remind travelers that there is a proper way to take your guns to your next destination while flying.

The gun should be placed in a hard padded case with the gun unloaded and bullets stored either in the clip or in a case made to store them, and it should be locked.

Travelers are to declare the gun at the ticketing desk and will need to fill out a declaration ticket that must be added to the gun case. It will then have to be a checked bag with the airline to the destination.

TSA officials ask travelers to always check your bags for a gun you may have forgotten, because you never want to take a gun to the TSA checkpoint where you could face major penalties.

“Bringing it to the checkpoint, the absolute wrong way,” Mark Howell, TSA Regional Spokesperson, said. “That is going to leave you open to a citation or arrest by local law enforcement, and it’s also going to get you a civil penalty from TSA.”

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