Upcoming holidays lead to COVID-19 testing surge


(WBTW) – While public health officials are discouraging Thanksgiving gatherings – it is clear they will be happening all over the country.

With the holiday just a week out – people have been rushing to get tested before making their way home for the holidays.

The rush for results has been evident in a big way all around the country. Earlier this week at dodger stadium hundreds were lined up for testing. There were also massive lines in Granite City,  Illinois.

But doctors say testing is no guarantee that a person will remain virus-free between now and Thanksgiving.

“The more people get together, the more likely one of those individuals has been potentially exposed and infected, so that’s the real concern with people traveling from different parts of the state or the country to come together,” Dr. Timothy Brewer said.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, some communities are distributing in-home testing kits. The CDC is asking Americans to avoid travel during the holidays – and if you do – keep that mask on.

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