Vintage Place residents ‘disturbed,’ ‘traumatized’ in aftermath of shooting

Vintage Place residents 'disturbed,' 'traumatized' in aftermath of shooting

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Residents in Vintage Place are trying to cope after a deadly ambush on law enforcement officers took place in their neighborhood last week. 

Many of them tell News13 they’re feeling disturbed, traumatized, scared and unsettled after the October 3rd attack on 7 law enforcement officers who were serving a warrant for a sexual assault accusation at a house in the back of the neighborhood. 

Residents who live in the front portion of the neighborhood say things have started to go back to normal. 

“It’s seems to be normal. Up here anyway. We don’t see a lot of the traffic that they’re seeing over there,” said Ronald Thomas. “I guess being that we’re up front, we didn’t see what they saw. All I saw was cars go by and ambulances and cars and ambulances. I heard a few shots but I didn’t see what they saw back there.”

Ronald Thomas is a Vintage Place resident and a combat veteran. He says he served in Afghanistan 10 years ago and learned how to cope with tragedies overseas, which has helped him do the same at home. But he says his kids and his wife are still shaken up.  

“I guess she don’t have the coping mechanism like I have. And she’s been kind of down about it but I guess time will heal,” he said. 

Residents say it still feels surreal that something like this happened in their neighborhood to someone who was protecting their community. As they mourn the loss of Sergeant Terrence Carraway, who was laid to rest on Monday, they are honoring him by decorating their houses in blue and black. These emblems are also a token of gratitude and condolences to the Florence Police Department. Residents also set up a memorial at the entrance of the neighborhood. 

They also put up a sign near the crime scene asking people to be sensitive of the children in the area who may or may not be aware of what happened. The crime scene is still active this week but it has been reduced since last week. The FBI remains on scene. They’re processing it and looking for more evidence in the investigation. Several officers are also on hand monitoring the scene and making sure only law enforcement and people who live on the blocked off section of Ashton Drive get through. 

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