Court ruling deems Obamacare mandate unconstitutional


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — A court ruling on Wednesday found the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) unconstitutional.

A U.S. Court of Appeals made the ruling — but ordered a lower court to take a look at the rest of the law to determine how much of it should stand.

Senator Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut, said if Republicans and President Donald Trump have it their way, the entire law could be eliminated — stripping the healthcare from millions of Americans.

“We are closer, not further away, from the Trump Administration successfully ending all insurance under the Affordable Care Act,” Murphy said. “They are just so hell-bent to end the Affordable Care Act simply because it has President [Barack] Obama’s name on it.”

Murphy said if it is eliminated — replacing the ACA falls on the shoulders of Republicans and the Trump Administration.

“They’re the ones that are pushing this lawsuit they need to come up with some plan to save us from this catastrophe,” Murphy said.

Director of Domestic Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation Marie Fishpaw agrees, saying Congress must act — but admits her opinion differs on the impact of the ruling.

“It changes nothing for anybody who is on Obamacare,” Fishpaw said. “It changes nothing about our healthcare system.”

Fishpaw said she believes conservatives will find alternative solutions.

“We want to see every American have the ability to access the healthcare they need through tools that put them, not big business, and not big government in charge,” Fishpaw said.

A battle over the constitutionality of ACA could continue up until the Supreme Court takes up the case.

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