WASHINGTON (AP) — A lesion removed by surgeons last week from first lady Jill Biden’s left eyelid was not cancerous, according to Dr. Kevin O’Connor, physician to President Joe Biden.

O’Connor said in a memo released Wednesday by the White House that a biopsy showed that the legion was seborrheic keratosis, a “very common, totally harmless, non-cancerous growth.”

Surgeons last week also removed a cancerous lesion above Jill Biden’s right eye and one on her chest. The lesions were both confirmed to be basal cell carcinoma, which is the most common type of skin cancer.

It’s considered highly treatable, especially when caught early. It is a slow-growing cancer that usually is confined to the surface of skin — doctors almost always can remove it all with a shallow incision — and it seldom causes serious complications or becomes life-threatening.

“Dr. Biden is recovering nicely from her procedures,” O’Connor wrote. “She experienced some anticipated mild bruising and swelling, but feels very well.”