WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBTW) — South Carolina’s two Republican U.S. senators expressed disappointment Sunday with a $740 billion spending bill pushed through by Democrats.

“Today, Democrats once again tried to spend their way out of the inflation caused—ironically—by their reckless spending,” Sen. Tim Scott said in a statement. “With inflation raging and our economy heading into a recession, Democrats still chose to spend money we don’t have on things Americans don’t need—and didn’t ask for.”

Vice President Kamala Harris cast the deciding vote to break a 50-50 tie and send the bill to the House of Representatives.

“Make no mistake: this bill will increase tax burdens on generations of Americans,” Scott said. “That’s why I voted ‘no’ and will continue fighting against Democrats’ economic plans that put the American Dream further out of reach for families across our nation.”

In a statement Sunday evening, Sen. Lindsey Graham said the bill will be a “disaster for a weak economy” and create more “suffering” for Americans.

“I hope the American people realize that no matter how well-meaning my Democratic colleagues may be, they are turning the economy upside down and increasing taxes all in the name of climate change,” Graham said. “They are failing to address a broken border and have become captive to liberal special interests.”

Graham said the additional taxes on businesses created by the bill will undoubtedly be passed on to consumers. He also said business investment will suffer because of the bill.

“According to CBO and Penn Wharton, this bill will not reduce inflation,” Graham said. “According to CBO, it will disincentivize investment in factories and equipment because of tax policy changes.”