Dillon County Council votes to remove county administrator Tony Clyburn


DILLON COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Dillon County Council voted 4-2 to affirm their decision to remove Tony Clyburn as administrator.

Dillon County Council Chair Stevie Grice posted a list of reasons about why he voted to dismiss Clyburn. It includes claims Clyburn lives in Georgetown County and not Dillon County, as required by his contract. Another claim is that he gave individual raises to county employees not provided for in the county budget.

Clyburn was given 30 minutes to respond to allegations made against him. He fired back at all of the allegations, calling many of them false and baseless.

He thinks he is being removed because he was working to uncover wrongdoings in the county. “I am going to leave this job with my head held high,” Clyburn said. “Because despite what they’re going to try to come up with later on, and despite whatever decision they make, I know in my heart, the people know in their heart, even all seven of the councilmen know in their heart – all I tried to do was my job.”

Many community members showed up to voice their support of Clyburn.

Last week, Clyburn also said he thinks his dismissal is because of the corruption he’s uncovered. “Everyone out there knows the type of corruption, the type of favoritism, the type of power grabs that you have in this county, everyone knows it,” Clyburn said. “I don’t think there’s a single person in this room and a single person watching this video who doesn’t know exactly what goes on in Dillon County.”

Council appointed Clay Young as interim adminstrator on Wednesday.

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