MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Well-known acrobat and aerial performer Sam Panda was asked to leave the beach for violating the “thong ordinance,” and a video of her being handcuffed by police has gone viral.

Both Horry County and Myrtle Beach governments prohibit thong bathing suits under an ordinance about indecent exposure on the beach. This law has been in place for years and officers typically give a warning for the first offense.

Sam Panda, originally from Pittsburgh, is well known for miraculously surviving a fall in Bali during a performance when she broke her neck in several places and damaged her spine. The fall was filmed and Pand went viral by showing her strength and great attitude in a smiling photo from the hospital bed.

A recent video of Panda being handcuffed by a Myrtle Beach police officer and their lengthy discussion about her bathing suit was posted on her social medial. She comments on the post, “A woman called the cops on me because of my bikini. That’s how this all started. Some Karen decided that my body was offensive to her and showed her child that her body could one day lead to her arrest.” Panda also used the hashtag “#cancelMyrtleBeach in her post.

After the ordinance was shown to Panda, she came into compliance and was permitted to leave the beach without further incident.

Myrtle Beach police said officers were initially called for a report of two women who were wearing thong bikinis and a see-through top, who were “dancing and soliciting videos on the beach.”

When officers arrived, they spoke with the women to advise them of the ordinance related to nudity. “One of the women attempted to walk away from officers and was detained,” the department reported.