CHARLESTON, WV (WBTW) – West Virginia now has 72 cases of COVID-19 tied to people traveling to Myrtle Beach, according to the governor.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Gov. Jim Justice said the state now has 19 outbreaks in 11 counties that are tied to people traveling to the area. That’s six more outbreaks since Monday, Justice said.

“I strongly, strongly tell you, if you are thinking of going to Myrtle Beach, rethink what you are doing and everything,” said Gov. Justice. “And the other things is if you have been, go get tested. It’s really important that you do that.”

New cases linked to Myrtle Beach reported by Justice:

13 in Berkeley County
5 in Cabell County
1 in Fayette County
2 in Greenbrier County
8 in Kanawha County
1 in Mercer County
2 in Putnam County
32 in Preston county with the possibility of 10 more
6 in Raleigh County
1 in Ritchie County
1 in Taylor County

Meanwhile, in Ohio the numbers of cases connected there are rising, according to health officials. Among confirmed cases in Belmont County, Ohio, 19 students and one adult went to Myrtle Beach. Also, two young adults who went on another school trip traveled to Panama City and later tested positive.

“There are still people out there who think the virus is a hoax,” said Deputy Health Commissioner Rob Sproul. “And we have learned these kids let down their guard. They had been cooped up for months. They didn’t wear masks, they didn’t adhere to social distancing. And now we have 21 people sick, others being tested, and at least two school districts shutting down their athletic practices.”