Why the Grand Strand area is at high risk for measles cases


(CONWAY, SC WBTW) There are 28 states with confirmed measles cases in the country, three of those states surround the Carolinas. 

Although there are no confirmed cases in North or South Carolina, one Conway pediatrician tells News13, the Grand Strand is more prone to get a case than many other areas in the country.

“This area is actually at a high risk to develop it because most of the measles comes from overseas,” Doctor William Nichols said. “We have a lot of people who come to the area from overseas, mostly from like the Ukraine and Israel.”

There are nearly 1,100 confirmed measles cases in the United States, that figure is higher than any year since 1992.

In the face of rising numbers across much of the country, Nichols said knowing his patients immunization status is imperative to keeping the children in his office safe.

“They potentially put other people in your office at risk,” Nichols said. “Because if an un-immunized person who can catch measles comes in, and I have three kids under one in the office, they can give it.” 

Nichols explained children under one-year-old are the most susceptible as they are not old enough to elect for vaccinations.

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