(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Do aliens exist? That’s not a question just for conspiracy theorists, but one Congress is trying to answers. Any day now, they’ll be receiving an official “UFO” report. But maybe the answer to that question lies right here in North Carolina.

“It’s about discovering the unexplainable,” said Dr. Naveed Moeed. “It’s about the discovery of questions.”

What? Why? How?

All questions worth answering start somewhere. Why can’t that somewhere be right off of Bear Creek Road in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains?

“We talk about Southern hospitality, it’s only natural we’d be an alien friend too,” said Chris Ayers, the owner and operator of Willis Observatory.

Just incase if those aliens need somewhere to park, Chris has reserved their spot at the Willis Observatory. It’s the only official alien landing pad in the United States.

“We did our research and found out that the aliens prefer grass fields, so they have a soft landing,” said Chris.

But exactly what research is Chris referring to?

“You know, it could have been a dream,” laughed Chris.

That’s where it all begins though, a dream and it’s something Dr. Moeed knows all about.

“It’s about the relentless search to answer the question, is there life outside of our planet or not?” said Moeed.

Moeed is a rocket scientist and is part of the team at the Willis Observatory. It’s not just stargazing happening at the remote observatory, but actual research too.

“We’re discovering, not just how life could possibly exist within the region of Earth, but also far beyond it as well,” said Moeed.

The smartest minds in the world are finding proof that life could exist outside of our planet. Moeed brought up a type of animal, tardigrades, that are known to be able to survive extreme conditions and live in suspended animation, indefinitely.

“We’re considering that life could possibly exist under 10 to 15 miles of ice below the satellites of Saturn and Jupiter,” said Moeed.

Even the federal government has questions. In April 2020, the Navy released three videos of flying objects that they couldn’t explain.

“There has been unexplained aerial phenomenal, but there isn’t no intelligence to suggest that there isn’t anything other than the fact this is unexplained,” said Moeed.

Exploring the unknown is enough to make anyone a little excited.

“The wow! That’s what we want, we want to hear the oh wow,” said Chris.

Adults and kids can come out to the Willis Observatory.  Chris said it’s about getting people excited about space and all of the possibilities that exist.

“I feel like, I’m like a kid in a candy store,” said Chris.

Just in case if anything makes a surprise landing, there are two people who live at the landing pad… Aunt Gert and her dog, Licorice. She said, she’ll be the welcome wagon.

“I reckon I will be, if they don’t scare me when they land,” said Aunt Gert. “Licorice is going to ward them off.”

Only one problem in this scenario though, Licorice doesn’t bark so he may be… something else.

“You’re a friendly alien, if you are,” laughed FOX 46’s, Maureen Wurtz.

So, the question is still there. Do aliens exist?

But maybe the answer isn’t that far, far away.