German women facing eviction blow up house


Firefigthers extinguish a fire in a house in Muenster, Germany, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019. Two women and a police officer where injured by an exploion inside the house. (Bernd Thissen/dpa via AP)

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BERLIN (AP) — German authorities say a mother and daughter are under investigation for attempted murder after setting off an explosion at their home near Muenster when police and a court officer showed up to evict them.

The dpa news agency reported Wednesday the 67-year-old and 38-year-old were both severely wounded in the blast in western Germany, as were two horses they had brought inside the building, which were later euthanized.

Three police officers suffered minor injuries.

Investigators say the two residents had been involved in long-term strife with their landlord and planned the gas explosion on their eviction day.

They say the two apparently wanted to kill themselves, but also knew others could die in the explosion.

The house had to be torn down after the explosion and ensuing fire.

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