Milan mayor seeks US apology for WWII bomb that killed kids

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MILAN (AP) — Milan’s mayor is asking U.S. authorities to apologize for a World War II bombing raid that killed 184 elementary school children.

The news agency ANSA said Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala made the request following a Mass marking the 75th anniversary of the Gorla massacre, named for the quarter in the city that was struck.

Sala said “I think it’s necessary that the American government apologizes, knowing that we are here to forgive.” He said he would formalize the request with the U.S. consul.

The air raid on Oct. 20, 1944, targeted an industrial complex near Milan, but a second wave of bombers went off course and released their bombs southeast of the target to lighten their loads as they returned to base.

One bomb struck the Francesco Crispi elementary school as children raced for shelter.

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