Ukraine: Police seize man threatening to blow up Kyiv bridge


In this image released by the Police Press Service, the view from a police drone in Kyiv, Ukraine, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019. Police in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv have seized an armed man who was threatening to blow up a major bridge and who shot down a police drone that was monitoring him. The man made the threats as he stood on the bridge Wednesday afternoon. (Ukrainian Police Press Office via AP)

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MINSK, Belarus (AP) — Police in Ukraine’s capital say they apprehended a man who allegedly threatened to blow up a major bridge and shot down a police drone monitoring him.

Police said the man made the threat while standing on a major bridge in Kyiv.

They say that along with bringing down the drone, he fired several shots in the air during a police standoff.

It was unclear if the man possessed any explosives when he was detained on Wednesday afternoon or made specific demands.

Ukrainian media identified him as a soldier.

The standoff shut down vehicle and subway traffic on the bridge across the Dnipro River, disrupting travel.

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