CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Dozens of Carolina Forest residents are upset that a developer is looking to turn one golf course into hundreds of homes.

They were not afraid to show their feelings Wednesday to developers looking to convert The Wizard Golf Course into 701 single-family homes.

“One key element of our plan was to minimize any impact at all to the surrounding area from traffic,” said Walter Warren of Thomas & Hutton at the start of the informal meeting at the Horry County courthouse.

The crowd laughed sarcastically at him.

“I understand your concerns,” Warren replied.

RS Parker Homes shared its plans for the 168-acre property at a meeting originally intended for homeowners association presidents, but opened it up so neighbors could see the proposal before it’s officially submitted.

“I know of all the comments in here, almost all of them will be negative because nobody wants it to go away,” said county planning director David Schwerd to the crowd. “Nobody wants more development in Carolina Forest, but please be respectful.”

Warren says the main entrance and exit will be on a proposed roundabout on Postal Way, accessed from U.S. Highway 501 North. There would be no direct access to U.S. 501 South from the roundabout that would be built.

Warren also says no one would live on The Wizard while Carolina Forest Boulevard is widened.

“Traffic generated from this project would not be created until the completion of Carolina Forest Boulevard,” he said.

Neighbors say they’re worried about flooding and more homes hurting emergency services. The top complaint, however, was traffic.

Neighbors were especially worried about potential access on Gateway Road, near Waterford Plantation and Carolina Forest Elementary School.

“You’re not fooling anybody with this idea,” said one resident. “Gateway is going to be totally intolerable. You need a better solution to this other than that.”

The developers also say Man O’ War Golf Club, which is next to The Wizard, would be prevented from having houses on it if the development is approved.

The plan has to officially be submitted before the county’s planning commission or council can discuss it.