Grand Strand daycare ‘busting at the seams,’ brings attention to the need for more centers

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A daycare center in Horry County gets ready to open their second location after reaching maximum capacity, bringing attention to the need for quality and quantity childcare across Grand Strand.

Rapid growth brings more jobs, more families, and also more kids to the Grand Strand.

One Myrtle Beach daycare center consistently keeps enrollment near-maximum capacity and has a waiting list with families across Horry and Georgetown counties.

Local daycare centers, on average, keep enrollment near one hundred kids. Creative Beginnings has continued to expand, reaching a maximum capacity of more than 300 kids.

Owner of Creative Beginnings, Elissa Woodle, tells News13 they have continued to build on to their original facility, but consistent enrollment numbers keep “busting at the seams.”

The child care center works to accommodate parent’s need by building a second location but the owner says there is a need for development child care. 

News13 asked why so many parents want their kids to go to this specific day care and their response was the educational variety offered.

“We have a lot of activities other than what’s in the classroom for our children to learn and grow. Our children have specials in their day, and as part of their specials, they may go to the gym on Mondays, Tuesday they may go to the computer lab, Wednesday they may go to the library,” Elissa Woodle, owner of Creative Beginnings said.

A detailed schedule that changes depending on the day has kids educated with the latest technology, working with skilled mentors, playing on the splashpad or playground, and participating in group activities with students who challenge each other.

Parents tell News13 they are put at comfort knowing a detailed schedule of their child’s day and notice an educational leap their child has taken since enrolled in the facility.

“At this facility she gets ahead of everyone else. You know how kids are now technology is important spelling math and all that. She’s four years old,” Stephen Mantell said.

A growing need for educational childcare has Creative Beginnings opening an additional location to meet parent’s needs. The waitlist already includes 80 families who say they can’t find another day care that meets their needs.

“It’s growing leaps and bounds there. It’s becoming its own town within a town so having quality child care in an environment like that is a necessity.”

Creative Beginning’s next location will open in the popular Carolina Forest area in December. 


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