Owners of *that* Jeep speak out on their fundraiser benefiting the Bahamas

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – By now, you’ve probably seen the memes.

But the owners of that infamous red JEEP left on the beach during Hurricane Dorian want everyone to know something.

“It wasn’t for publicity,” Brittany Feliciano said. “It wasn’t for nothing like that. You know. It was a total accident.”

Brittany, along with her husband and his cousin, say they’ve been getting trolled on social media the past couple of days following the SUV’s rise to stardom.

“People are mean,” Feliciano said. “They’re just mean. they’re just saying publicity. For an insurance claim. “

Well, according to them, it wasn’t at all. Brittany says the whole thing was an “honest mistake.” Her husband’s cousin, who was borrowing the Jeep, had driven it out to the beach to get some photos during the storm early Thursday.

“I didn’t know how fast the water was going to come in and I didn’t want to be in a dangerous situation where I could end up drowning,” he said.

But now:

“It was a bad situation. We’re trying to flip it,” Feliciano said.

They’re flipping it by raising money for the Bahamas. The island of Abaco was left devastated in Dorian’s wake, and this is the family’s way of helping.

“Let’s prove them all wrong that we can turn this into something good,” Feliciano said. “That we’re not trying to pocket the money. we’re not trying to make ourselves big or 5 minutes of fame. that’s not what this is that’s not what I’m doing now.”

You can contribute to the Gofundme here.

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